About Me

Seeking Full-time opportunities in:
Machine Learning | Data Science

Jay Bhanushali


Fresh out from having completed my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering, the curiosity inside me wanted to explore more disciplines of engineering. Well lauded for catering knowledge across a wide variety of fields, a Masters in Industrial Engineering the obvious next step for me. Once my courses began in all the four concentrations of Industrial Engineering (viz., Production and Manufacturing, Operation research, Supply chain management and Information systems), I began to develop interests in the subject of Machine Learning and Information systems.

As my Masters progressed, I started to focus on courses of Machine learning. I primarily took courses on predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms. I knew I had to put in the work and so I did. In my free time I would refer video lectures, read quite a few books. Marveled at the enormous possibilities and applications this field held, I was sold - sold to the extent that I knew it had to be what I wanted to launch my career in.

Coming from Mechanical background , my experience in coding was limited at best, but on the brighter side, my foundations in mathematics were solid to say the least. While my courses in Industrial Engineering were good introductory courses to quench my thirst, I wanted more. More in terms of getting to know the insides of all the algorithms, their derivations, applications in real life and what have you! To do so, I took up various MOOCs from coursera / nptel lectures and read several other blogs.

Moving ahead, currently I am working as a Machine Learning engineer and a Data Scientist at American Express where I have helped transform the internal search engine for easier discovery of data as well as build and deployed a recommendation engine which is being used by around 5000+ internal employees

What I'm looking into in terms of the near future?

I'll be working on improving my modeling skills as well as software engineering skills and plan on using them to building a product which lives an impact in this world

A personal project to use ML and develop an algorithm to predict the live probabilities of an professional Esports clubbing various concepts of Sentimental analysis, Convolutional Neural nets , and Natural Language processing.

I'd like to conclude with a quote I like, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity". I am prepared, everyday more than the day before, on the lookout for the best opportunity.

Thank you for spending you valuable time. Feel free to get in touch.